2008 Photo's
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2/2/2008- Eagles Club- Monticello, IA
2/9/2008- Decorah Firemans Dance- Decorah, IA
3/1/2008- Brick City- Clermont,IA
3/8/2008- Commercial Club Park- Dyersville, IA
3/15/2008- Phat Cats- West Union, IA
4/5/2008-Club Pyramid- Decorah, IA
4/12/2008- Captains Sports Bar-Eastman, WI
4/26/2008- Noonans North- Holy Cross, IA
5/3/2008-Mt. Horeb Firemans/EMS Dance
5/10/2008-Calmar Firemans Dance- Spillville,IA
5/31/2008-McGregor Landing- McGregor, IA
6/26/2008- Colgate Country Showdown-Prairie du Chien, WI
6/27/002008-Country Fest 2008- Cadott, WI
7/11/2008- Deleware County Fair- Manchester, IA
7/26/2008-Nordic Fest- Decorah, IA
7/25/2008-Plain Firemans Dance- Plain, WI
7/24/2008-Fayette County Fair- West Union, IA
7/19/2008- Fond du Lac County Fair- Fond du Lac, WI
8/2/2008- Lil Deadwood Saloon- Readstown, WI
8/1/2008- Ossian Fun Days- Ossian, IA
8/9/2008-Winnebago County Fair- Oshkosh, WI
8/15/2008- Waukon Firemans Dance- Waukon, IA
8/16/2008- Desoto Firemans Dance- Desoto, WI
10/3/2008- Carolines Colorama- Caroline, WI
10/11/2008- Fennimore Firemans Dance-Fennimore, WI
10/25/2008-Lils Deadwood Saloon- Readstown, WI
10/31/2008-Uncle Sams Saloon- Mc Gregor, IA
11/01/2008-Brick City-Clermont, IA
11/09/2008-Club Pyramid- Decorah, IA
11/16/2008-Noonans- Holy Cross, IA